ST Leather Company: Professional and Tradition for a high quality of leather.

There is the only private leather company in Hungary. The ST. Leather Company deals with leather manufacturing, with leather trade. Our philosophy, that let us produce a good quality, from all leather with the environmentally friendly technology, environmentally friendly product.


Leather manufacturing is going on since 1780 on Simontornya. In the 1930 years world-famous vealbox with production changes known Fred Bern & Son Leather Company, which one the Simontornyai Leather Comapny worked on a name mostly on a name differing after a war. The company was nationalized in the socialism, the state directed the production in this manner. After the political transformation the company 1992 was able to hold himself up above, while slowly but continuously indebted. liquidation got under it in 1993, and they invited applications for him in 1999. The application it ST Bőrgyár a Ltd. won it.



He is at the customers' service with the next structure of products:

-Our main profile the vix of sport-, technical-, belt- and sole leathers, exclusive pullap- and the production of cyclone leathers.

-Lease work: from pelt to wet-blue, or wet –wait, split and not splited bovine.

-can be ordered yet shoe- , nubuk-, or workprotection- gloving leathers.

About the company:

Since 2000 the Ltd. works by a Budapest seat and with a Simontornya depot. The firm employs 20 employees currently, who a big experience is at all of them disposal on the area of the leather with the production of the next leather industry stocks the firm

The firm on Hungary's middle West part can be found, the 61 and 64 the encounter of roads.

Our availabilities:

Kerezsi János
Tel: +36-70-373-92-51

H-7081 Simontornya Gyár u 1.

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